Kids’ Ceramic Workshop

En este taller de arte descubriremos la magia de la naturaleza estampando con texturas naturales. Los niños explorarán la arcilla utilizando hojas, ramas y piedras para imprimir texturas únicas, creando así obras que capturan la esencia tangible de nuestro entorno natural.

About Sofia

Painting has always accompanied me. In the joy, in the detonation, in the bad times. It has undoubtedly made me go through my challenges with greater authenticity and made them easier and has never given me respite, always a mirror, just as the fire or the sea is for me. Painting confronts me in a divine way with what I am and how I am. I was born in Durazno, Uruguay in 1988 and my first contact with art was from a very young age with a collection of great art in my house; I spent hours with it. From that point on, as my father had a bookstore, more art books appeared, and at the age of eight I started a visual arts workshop where I studied painting in its different techniques and ceramics for the next 10 years. At 18, in Montevideo, I studied with different teachers, but with not as much courage, I simultaneously studied economics, a degree in which I had already received and dedicated myself until last year.