Ruta De Arte

CAMPO’s Ruta de Arte, a guide to the area’s cultural hotspots from La Barra to Jose Ignacio. RDA offers ideas, itineraries, and inspiration, a cultural adventure padded with the coolest eateries and top wineries, and undoubtedly the best art in Uruguay.

Black Gallery
“When the shadow wins you” by French Molinari,
curated by Joanne Cattarossi
A burst of color silently bursts into Pueblo Garzón. A sensory experience about how we perceive light and shadow and what they do to us.

La Galerilla
Exhibition by Cloe Galasso (AR) in La Galerilla principal wagon; and Benjamin Clemens (US) prepping for his exhibition, opening on January 11, in the little house next door. Stop by and see him at work.

Piero Atchugarry Gallery

Walden Naturae
“The Coleridge Collection” by Pablo Uribe (UY) curated by Martin Craciun.