CAMPO AIR December resident

Agustina Woodgate (b. 1981) is an artist and researcher. Her artistic practice is focused on the study of systems, theories of value, relationships and logics of power that operate in society. She draws new cartographies dissolving the political limits that order paradigms, unifies languages by visiting displaced communities, materializes and evidences the power relations that rule in our society and denounces forms of domination through her works. Agustina’s projects have been commissioned by the 2019 Whitney Biennial,  IX Berlin Biennial, IV Istanbul Design Biennial, Biennial of the Americas (Denver), PlayPublik (Poland), The Bass Museum of Art, (Miami), among others. She has exhibited at cultural centers including Faena Arts Center (Buenos Aires), Art and Culture Center of Hollywood (Florida) and the KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin). She lives and works between Miami, Amsterdam and Buenos Aires.


The source 

This installation marks the four underground water flows that cross the main square of Garzon. The blue pipe visualizes these channels on the surface, as diagrammed by Inosencio Decastro, a local dowsing expert. Through these pipes, one can hear the flow of water from the only public well in Garzón. This is an autonomous well, without intermediaries from OSE (National Administration of State Sanitary Works). Because the well is not positioned directly over the water vein, it does not provide enough water and will soon run out. This is the first phase in the development of a sustainable and autonomous drinking water fountain for the community. The construction of a permanent drinking fountain will be the second phase of this project. It will be carried out in collaboration with the municipal government, the community and various local agents who will provide their experience and knowledge. It will ideally be inaugurated in December 2022.