Alejandra is a multidisciplinary artist, professor and psychologist with an MA in Art and Visual Culture, a BA in Visual Arts, and a BA in Psychology. She is a University professor in the Bachelor of Visual Arts and the Bachelor of Education study programmes at the Universidad Católica del Uruguay. Casa B is her atelier, launched in 1999, where she continues to develop her research, artistic practice and teachings. Alejandra’s work is based on the intersection and intertwining of participatory artistic practices, collective curatorships and ever searching for ways of construing knowledge in the realms of contemporary art. She has participated and coordinated intervention, training and exhibition projects both individually and collectively. Her work has been recognized with awards, competitive funds, scholarships and artistic residencies, both in Uruguay and abroad. She currently lives and works in Maldonado and Montevideo.



The expression “Dar vuelta la pisada” refers to a rural practice that seeks to provide a new perspective on a personal experience through tangible and spatial actions. The installation inside the ruin suggests through contemplation – from an unexpected point of view – the possibility of new considerations and thoughts.  Nature, present through elements such as healing native plants, mud, charcoal and water, becomes a carrier of memory and meaning, and completes the sensory experience. The facade, intervened with a prayer that will fade over time, reflects the idea that ephemeral images and signs leave a lasting mark on our perception. The vestiges of beliefs are explored, proposing a connection between the human experience, the natural world and the built world as a process in constant reissue, creating an immersive experience through various practices, the use of words and symbolic gestures. Carolina Bernachea (AR) collaborated with Alejandra on this installation.