Alejandro Cruz (EN)

Alejandro Cruz

Uruguay, 1975

Visual artist, curator, audiovisual designer and teacher. Since 2007 Alejandro has developed a career as a visual artist and curator. As an artist he has participated in group shows in Uruguay and abroad, and two solo shows in Uruguay. In 2014, he wrote and directed a contemporary dance piece in the Montevideo Danza cycle at the Sala Zavala Muniz with the work Tres Tercios. In 2007, as a curator, he was responsible for sending the Uruguayan video program to the Eighth Biennial of Video and New Media in Santiago de Chile, and, in 2019, he co-curated the Fourth Montevideo Biennial.


About the work
Multimedia installation

A simulation in which Garzón is the epicenter of the world, where great climate and paradigm changes are coming as of January 1, 2023. You have to be alert. Many people leave Garzón looking for other possibilities, and at the same time other people are populating it, looking for another way of life. Once a year with CAMPO Artfest, the village fills with people, daily life is adulterated and greatly transformed. ALERTA! displays this phenomenon and generates a simulacrum, intervening a house with giant posters and photos of climatic disasters. Inside, videos of interviews with experts on climate and disasters affirm that, as of the aforementioned date, Pueblo Garzón will be the epicenter of world changes.