Supported by  Liliana Porter + Ana Tiscornia

Alicia Mihai Gazcue (b. 1949) resides in Bucharest, Romania. She studied literature at the Facultad de Humanidades of the Universidad de la Republica in Uruguay. Her work includes charcoal and watercolors on paper, graphite and acrylic on graphic paper, and acrylic on canvas. They have been published in the magazine “Otra Parte, “Point of Contact,”, and in “Review, Literature and Arts of the Americas,” among other publications. She has exhibited at Barbara Krakow Gallery in Boston, at the Boston Center for the Arts, Mills Gallery, and at the Hosfelt Gallery in New York. Alicia’s work also includes performances, such as “Pasar entre ellos / Passera mellan dem (Montevideo 1969 and Lund, Sweden 1974) and “Para ser preciso / sa fie precise, originally presented in Bucharest, Romania in 1979, and replayed in the Second International Biennial of Performances BP17 in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2017), and at La Galeria del Paseo, Manantiales. In 2018, she was invited by curator Cuahtemoc Medina to participate in the Shanghai Biennial.


CAMPO ARTFEST 2021 installation


This project is the product of research and documentation on Pueblo Garzón’s past, from an anthropological point of view. The proposal problematizes the concept of On Progress and its relationship with the idea of moving forward, questioning the linearity of time and the veracity of memory.