Ana Clara Soler (EN)

Ana Clara Soler

Argentina, 1984

Supported by Fundación Ama Amoedo

Ana Clara was born in the city of Buenos Aires in 1984. At a young age she moved to the area of Olivos near the river and spent many years there. It was in that childhood home where she began to draw and paint intensely, using her architect father’s abundance of materials. At the age of 18 she decided to study Fine Arts at what is today the UNA, and at the same time started attending workshops and clinics with Nahuel Vecino, Eduardo Stupía, Matías Duville and Pablo Siquier, for whom she worked as an assistant for several years. As an adult she returned to the city and had solo shows, including “Para los Monstruos” at Quimera Galería, “Futuras Cavernas” at Museo Marco, “Retrato del Mundo” at Sputnik Galería, “Ad Infinitum”, at Rea Gallery, Sublimado, at CC Recoleta and “Corrientes Caprichosas” at Jardín Oculto Gallery. She participated in several residencies and festivals, such as Kaus Australis in Rotterdam, Animasivo in Mexico DF, Art Center in Miami, El Ranchito in Matadero Madrid and FIFF in Fribourg Switzerland.


About the work
Textile installation

It always caught Ana Clara’s attention to see people hanging freshly washed clothes; going down a highway and seeing the long lines with garments airing. The act of dressing traverses us in all cultures as a trait of identity, necessity and practicality. Faced with the possibility of intervening a space in a town surrounded by nature, with houses overtaken by the passage of time, the artist uses that human act of hanging clean clothes to burst into abandonment in a forceful but organic way. Reproducing the feeling that moved her so many times since childhood: the surprise of finding the life of another she doesn’t know exposed before her, their private world displayed on the border between inside and outside, in a space that is both home and landscape.