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Andreas Greiner lives and works in Berlin. After studying medicine, anatomy and sculpture, he devoted his career to creating time-based and sculptural art works. His creative aim is to push the boundaries of classical parameters in sculpture. The content of his work focuses on the anthropogenic influence on nature’s evolution and form. Andreas is part of the artist collectives A/A and Das Numen. Since 2022 he has been a professor of media art at the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel.



The land art project Eternal Line consists of a mathematical arrangement of trees native to Uruguay, forming a logarithmic spiral that represents growth. The vision is to create a living work that blends and adapts to the ecological context of CAMPO. The trees start from the center, leaving space on the outer edges for future plantings. This installation has six openings, guaranteeing its accessibility to the public. At its center it offers a space for observation and introspection. The planting of the trees will be carried out with the help of the community of Garzón, offering educational experiences for school children. The idea is to encourage and promote tree planting, an increasingly meaningful act in an age of climate change. Eternal Line relates directly to the theme of Campo Artfest 2023, RADICAL NATURE, as it represents a native forest in the process of regeneration. It is also a symbol of human influence and impact on nature (both constructive and destructive).