Camila Lacroze (b.1988) currently works as an artist and teacher. In 2012 she graduated as a Pharmaceutical Chemist from the Universidad de la República of Uruguay. She was then selected for a Master’s Degree in Arts which she is currently attending. Her artistic practice tries to make visible certain non-human species that usually go unseen by the human eye. Camila understands that focusing on and enhancing these apparently “insignificant” forms of life is a way of questioning our anthropocentric point of view. Her work has been exhibited in the Alliance Française, Contemporary Art Space, the Natural History Museum, Paul Cézanne Award and the National Visual Arts Award, among others. Camila was selected to participate in the Uberbau_house residency program in Sao Paulo and her works are in private collections in Uruguay, Argentina and the United States.



In a world that is crumbling and shaking, in an enclosure whose walls and floor are cracking, in a house that is no longer a house, grow some plants that are not plants. Like echoes of something that already exists, they invade the abandoned enclosure, silent and defiant. Their different organs and phases, their potential as plants and living beings, unfold on the walls. They are fragments of something that is about to happen, the development of a new flower. The constant cycle of their life and death is shown explicitly and in detail. It invites us to reflect on the complexity of such an apparently simple and insignificant life. And on the ground, the origin of everything: a crack that is no longer a fissure in the concrete, that is no longer a threat to anyone, but rather a possibility.