Candela Bado (b. 1991) earned her BFA at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of The Netherlands in 2016, where she specialized in sculpture and installation. Since then, she has exhibited in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Italy and Greece. In 2018, she was invited to participate in the Snehta Residency in Athens, and was selected for the 58th Linda Kohen National Visual Arts Award. Candela currently lives and works in Montevideo, where she is part of initiatives that focus on artists’ self-management such as Bajo el hormigón, la playa. She develops the collaborative project Fruta Furtiva, focused on creating objects in ceramics, encouraging the use of imagination as a source of knowledge. Candela also teaches ceramic workshops and clinics promoting the encounter and exchange between artists.


Chain song 

Ceramic chains explore the duality of fragility and strength contained within the same object. The tension that exists between these opposites manifests itself when these chains move, but here they are static, taut in this abandoned train station. The chains crawled until they reached this green room. On that journey, music was found at the peak of tension. El cantar de las Cadenas is a ceramic sculpture by Candela Bado in collaboration with a sound sculpture by music producer Lila Tirando a Violeta.