Represented by Galería del Paseo

Cecilia Bonilla (b. 1976) is a multidisciplinary visual artist working with collage, installation, assemblage, and video. Since 1999, she has been living and working between Margate and London, U.K. Her recent exhibitions include After Image 2021: Blyth Gallery (London); Contagio: Cecilia Brunson Projects (London); Project Paperophylia: Charlie Smith Gallery (London); Notices in a Mutable Terrain: Piero Atchugarry Gallery (Miami); It’s Not Forever: Galeria del Paseo (Punta; del Este). Bonilla has also exhibited as part of Photomonth, Krakow, at Centre for Photography (Stockholm) and Nurture Art (New York). Her videos have been screened at Arnolfini (Bristol), Charlie Dutton Gallery (London), amongst others. Cecilia has recently been selected as a finalist for the OD Photo Prize UK 2021.


Good Fortune Tellers 

Transparent spheres intervene the space by interacting with its imperfections. Evoking the children’s game of jugar a la bolita (playing with marbles) or perhaps resembling crystal balls used to “read the future,” the glass marbles suspended in space create a sense of defiance to gravity. The viewer is invited to reinterpret both the site’s physicality and to reflect on its history and, by extension, to imagine its possible future.