Cynthia Cruz (EN)

Cynthia Cruz

United States, 1976

Cynthia is a multi-media artist working mostly in painting and digital media. She received her MFA from Goldsmiths University of London in 2014 and currently resides in Miami. She participated in the 2022 UNTITLED Art Fair in Miami, with both [NAME] Publications and VORTIC x NEST. Cynthia has presented work in solo and two-person exhibitions at Thames-Side Studios Gallery (London), and ACME Project Space. She has participated in multiple group shows including David Castillo Gallery (Art Basel Miami), Fredric Snitzer Gallery and Bass Museum (Miami), among others. She is a recipient of the ACME MFA Studio Award, and was shortlisted for the Griffin Art Prize in 2016.


About the work
A conversation piece
Video based on artificial intelligence

Since 2020, Cynthia has been collaborating with two Artificial Intelligence engines: Philosopher Al, a GPT-3 language model that answers questions; and Starry Al, a prompt-based image generator. Following interactions between the algorithms, the artist creates GIFS with soundscapes. A Conversation Piece uses the curatorial statement from CAMPO Artfest as a catalyst to ask philosopher Ai questions. The answers generated, are later edited and added to starry Ai and Dall E2. These two Ai engines generated images based on the text from philosopher Ai, with those images Cynthia created an animation, in full collaboration with non-human entities.