Electrobiota (EN)


Mexico, 2014

Supported by Fundación Ama Amoedo

Multi-species collective of artistic experimentation founded in 2014 and integrated by Gabriela Munguía and Guadalupe Chávez. Contextualized in the Latin American feeling-thinking, electronic arts, bio-art, environmental humanities and cultural biology, Electrobiota investigates possible interspecies dialogues.Together they coordinate the Laboratorio Rizosférico, an environmental education project that intertwines art, soil ecologies and open technologies. They have participated in various international festivals and exhibitions such as International Biennial of Contemporary Art of South America (Ar-Br); Transpiksel Festival (Mx); Piksel Festival Art, Science and Free Technology (No); Teheran Annual Digital Art Festival (Ir); Cairotronica Festival of New Media Art of Cairo (Eg), Festival Transitios MX_05 (Mx), ECOSS Biotecnología, Arte y Transfeminismo (Es), Festival Tsonami de Radio Arte (Ch), Ars Electronica (Au), among others. They have received several awards includingCIFO-Ars Electronica Award, the UNTREF Electronic Arts Award, and Mention in the Kosice Biennial.


About the work
Wild Gestures | Gestualidades silvestres
Multimedia installation

Our complex relationship with the soil teaches us how the vegetable and the rhizosphere communities make our humanity possible. The soil and its “humusities” are full of living worlds. We should learn to co-create with these alterities and dark agencies for ours and life’s survival. In this project Electrobiota explores the ecological networks that are created when non-human entities become entangled with human infrastructures and technologies, and how their intangible processes of life and communication can be expressed and expanded through different means. Through this light and sound installation —fueled by biotic elements, electric signals and geochemical processes— the artists are interested in reviving our relationship with the soil.