Emilio Bianchi (b. 1990) makes video, installations, performance and acrylic nails. Emilio works on the limits of the body and identity built from basic and daily actions, using awkwardness, impossibility and ridiculousness as a force for social action and short-scale performance. Emilio’s videos and feetpaintings hack standardized behaviors and expected results, using clumsiness and confusion as an unstoppable force for dizzying all actions. In 2018, he was awarded Uruguay’s most prestigious art award, el Premio Nacional de Artes Visuales (National Art Prize). He currently lives between Montevideo and Buenos Aires.


Insecta (video) 

This project is part of a multimedia investigation that works on a socio-cultural re-reading of the ant colony, with a cuir (queer) perspective. Taking into account that the history of our understanding of ants is the history of our changing views on the functioning of organizations, the works presented here seek to recognize the power of small-scale (or ant-scale) actions and the creation of alternative narratives for the imagination of others present and future.