Federico Lagomarsino (EN)

Federico Lagomarsino

Uruguay, 1985

Lagomarsino carries out a creative practice based on working with the city, art, architecture, landscape and visual culture. He runs an independent studio, is an architect, visual artist, producer, teacher and researcher, and has been curator in charge of Uruguay’s national submission to the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale.
His works of urban intervention, architecture, and public art have been exhibited in Uruguay, Brazil, Germany, Argentina, France, Holland and Italy. He was selected for the 57th National Visual Arts Award, for the Young Architects in Latin America Award at the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale, and has completed international training residencies, notably at the School of Visual Arts New York and Rafael Viñoly Architects in New York.


About the work
Feral Lights | Luces Salvajes

Between shadows or during the darkness of night, the flashes of a set of beacons are no different from a family of fireflies. Feral Lights proposes to build a field of road beacons, elements that when removed from their usual context and in darkness enable new interpretations, relating human activity with the territory and the planet through such an iconic and global object. In this way, the installation invites the viewer to a stage full of lights that seem out of control, erratic and as unpredictable as any feral organism.