Fernando Foglino (EN)

Fernando Foglino

Uruguay, 1976

A poet and visual artist, Fernando has had more than 50 solo and group exhibitions in museums around the country and abroad since 2008. He has attended artistic residencies in Berlin, Paris, Beijing, Milan, Antofagasta and participated in international biennials such as the XIII Havana Biennial and recently in the Oku-Noto Japan Triennial. His works are part of public and private collections.


About the work
Interactive virtual experience

“The border will be like a tenuous field of chamomiles” – Elder Silva
There is a replica of Pueblo Garzón in the virtual plane. We walked through its streets to confirm that the 30 blocks, each construction and every public space is in its exact place. In MetaCampo, the population grows exponentially, the species multiply and metamorphose rapidly, some characters return from the past. Borders dissolve and the undergrowth grows between the virtual and reality. The whistle announces the train arriving at the station.