Flavia Erenberg (EN)

Flavia Erenberg

Uruguay, 1976

Flavia trained in visual arts with Taller Pelayo in Montevideo, and various workshops in the United States and Buenos Aires. She works in various techniques, especially collage, mixed media and assemblage, always with recycled elements. From her private studio, galleries or public institutions, she also teaches art workshops based on the search for expression, through feeling, thinking and doing, experimenting with materials from our surroundings, and taking care of the environment.


About the work
Macetas que danzan | Pot Dance
In collaboration with Rural Schools 16 + 43

This workshop with the local schools brought the kids closer to different possible uses – upcycling – of the plastic bottles we discard, from their shapes to their transformation into flower pots. Each child created an art object from a plastic bottle. They shaped the bottles with heat and then painted with colors of their choice. At the end, each one presented their creation and a collective pot dance was created. During the festival, the public is invited to participate.