Born in Bruges and currently growing roots in Uruguay, Fons is a self-proclaimed Sensorial alchemist and Weigher of Light and Darkness. He was previously Chef and co-creator of supper club Mesa41 until an artist residency by Appart Paris woke him up, reconnecting him with the artistic language he had left behind. He is currently researching the physics of the unseen, the relationship between what we think we see and what truly might be there.



We tend to think of nature as something that is out there, at best we like it as some place we can go to for the weekend. Of course, most of us easily find the beauty of a colorful sunset or a stunning garden but maybe it’s time to try to zoom in a bit more and open up to different ways from seeing this world as we usually do. Maybe by bringing back the curiosity of how amazing nature does her magic we can reconnect to what seems to be buried under layers of what we call civilization. Maybe by digging up the ever-present connection of nature that lives inside of us we can find a way to repair our relationship with the rest of the living world. This submersible installation invites the visitor to see the world through another lens.

In collaboration with @optke

Dedicated to Sinterkaas