Javier Bassi (EN)

Javier Bassi

Uruguay, 1964

Javier is a visual artist, who, since 1990 has had 25 solo and more than 150 group exhibitions in 24 countries. The award-winning artist represented Uruguay in the 5th Internacional Cuenca Biennial, the Ist Mercosul Biennial of Visual Arts, the 8th Havana Biennial, and the 2nd Montevideo Biennial. He received the Niveau Award in the 3rd Mail Art Biennale of Debrecen and the FEFCA fund for creation from the Ministry of Education and Culture. He develops his work in paintings, installations, sound tracks, objects, urban interventions, prints, artists’ books, texts, and different activities related to art and contemporary thought.


About the work
Waiting for the Flood | Esperando el Diluvio
Incubus / Pact with the Birds | Pacto con los pájaros
Multimedia installation

“Close your eyes, little world and brace yourself.” Nick Cave, Warren Ellis. Anthrocene. 2016.”
The mirror of art refers to the mirror of species. Continuity, does it imply environmental awareness? The demand for rapid population growth and technological development subject the environment to an accelerated decline. Human activities have a slow reaction to change, industry and its obstinacy. Weather patterns change. The scenery has changed, nature reveals itself then, much more dangerous…