Juan Burgos (b. 1963) is self-taught in the field of analogical collage, which he creates by cutting out and assembling images manually. In his works there is a dialogue between different worlds and periods of art and graphics, in unprecedented and provocative situations, where humor and an acid criticism of contemporary society abound. Juan has exhibited in countless collective and individual exhibitions since 1990. Highlights include his participation in the 10th Mercosur Biennial (Porto Alegre), the VentoSul Biennial 20 years (Curitiba), the 1st Montevideo Biennial, the 12th Cairo International Biennial and the 53rd Venice Biennial. He has exhibited all over the world at cultural institutions such as the Meijiang Art Gallery (Tianjin, China), Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo de Montevideo, the Buschlen-Mowatt Gallery (Vancouver, Canada), the Cultural Center of Spain in Montevideo and at Enlace Gallery (Lima, Peru), among others.


Colonial Lane 

Carril Colonial is an analog collage composed in 2021. The images come from art books, anthropology, botany, design, children’s books, Spanish playing cards and comics. They represent the confrontation between two worlds — those of the native people and the invaders, who come from different places and historical moments. The invaders arrive by sea and air to transform and impose their ideas and beliefs, surrounded by dark symbols. The natives, camouflaged in nature, display symbols of resistance with halos of fire and weapons.