Juan Sorrentino (b. 1978) is a sound and visual artist based in Buenos Aires. He graduated from the Media Center d’Art y Disseny (MECAD) in Barcelona and the University of Córdoba (Argentina). Juan creates concert works and electronic, acoustic and multimedia installations that explore the concepts of visual language, poetic context and collective imagination. His work has been presented in several places in South America, the United States and Europe. He has received numerous awards through the UNESCO-Aschberg Artist Fellowships, the Bourges Residency Award, the Fondo Nacional de las Artes (FNAC), the Goethe Institute of Córdoba, and the Spanish Ministry of Culture Reina Sofía, among others. His work is part of the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Bahía Blanca, the Genaro Pérez Museum, the Emilio Caraffa Provincial Museum of Fine Arts and the ONCE Foundation in Spain, as well as private collections.


The dance of a dramatic feeling 

A stick held by a thread rises from the floor and, after a few seconds, falls, hitting its body against the floor. The sound reverberates in the room, repeating itself ad infinitum. A simple gesture that reminds us of the weight and gravity on bodies. A still from the Myth of Sisyphus appears in our memories. The effort to rise and fall again is not always the same; the action becomes an event. A unique event – exciting and attractive – that unfolds in the experience of watching and listening. The fall generates an impulse (a sound stimulus of short duration) and the response of the room to that impulse gives us back both the direct sound and the reflections of that sound in space. The reverberation of the sound, resonance of an action that emerges and fades in time, connects us with the stationary energies of the fall and with the dimension of space.