Leonor Courtoisie (EN)

Leonor Courtoisie

Uruguay, 1990

Leonor is an artist, writer, actress and director. In her processes, she creates relationships to reflect on the political power of the impossible, utopias and forms of language. She is a member of the Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab in New York. She won the Molière Prize awarded by the French Embassy in Uruguay, and was a resident of the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. She was invited to open the 2022 season of the Comedia Nacional with text and direction of Estudio para la mujer desnuda a version of the novel by Armonía Somers published in 1950, and her play Duermen a la hora de la siesta received the National Literature Award in unpublished playwriting in Uruguay. Other published works include Corte de obsidiana, Todas esas cosas siguen vivas and Irse yendo.


About the work
Other Wild Papers/ Otros papeles salvajes

A door-to-door tour of the town, Other Wild Papers is a search for oral memory of what a book is, a request for help, materials and support for the construction of a new form, and the question of what that territory will be like when the people who inhabit it are no longer there.