Presented by Magma Futura | supported by Kopel Sánchez

Known as Tanky, Letitica is a Uruguayan multidisciplinary artist with a passion for technology. Her work delves into themes of physical and digital transcendence, the intricacies of identity and self-construction, the profound realms of magic and the occult, ecologies, posthumanism, death and memento mori, among other topics. Tanky’s work has been exhibited and awarded internationally.



Limen is an outdoor Virtual Reality experience. It is a threshold that unfolds under the open sky, inviting participants to engage in a sensory ritual. The music coexists with the caress of the breeze, the scent of the grass permeates the digital meadow, and sigils unfold under the shadow of an ancient tree, inviting us to explore and rethink our relationship with the environment. The work exists at the convergence of technology and nature; it is a liminal space that questions our perception of the natural environment and our connection to it. In Limen, we are alone, body and ego blurring into an ineffable and transcendent experience. The organic and the manufactured intertwine, challenging the boundaries of perception between real symbiosis and simulation. It is more than a symbolic reflection of physical space; it is an extension of it.