Lorena Guillén Vaschetti is an Argentinian born artist and curator with a background in Architecture and Anthropology. In her artistic practice, Lorena is interested in creating pieces that involve the audience at different levels: sensorial, mental and emotional. She works within different mediums, ranging from sculpture to sound, including installation, photography and performance. Her work has been widely exhibited internationally. Guillén Vaschetti has been a curator in NIROX Sculpture Park, South Africa (2019) and in Cairo Off Biennale, Egypt (2023) and was the Director of the Garzón Sculpture Park, Uruguay.


Boya (Buoy)

Astray by an abandoned railway station, this piece leads the viewer to reflect upon the growing impact of the environmental crises. 

At first glance, the abstract image of a solitary buoy lost in the countryside, by an old platform, appears out of place. This unexpected displacement to a terrestrial setting recontextualizes its purpose, evidencing the loss and need for direction and stability. 

The buoy’s isolation also resonates with the loneliness of the struggle for sustaintainability, often a solitary battle against apathy and inertia.

This piece not only reflects the precarious position of humanity in the face of environmental challenges but also embodies resilience and hope, directing towards a more mindful interaction with the world around us.