Nordic Star Chef from Copenhagen. Situated in New York City – introducing Nordic Cuisine to the US, rapidly receiving great accolade for his almost supernatural way of thinking food. Once upon a time, Mads Refslund wanted to be a writer. As a child he enjoyed penning fantasy fiction pieces – short stories about princes, princesses and unicorns. However, having finished school, he decided to abandon books for another interest – cooking. Today he’s a darling among food critics – known for his unique creativity, telling great tales through his feminine and playful cuisine with a passion for seafood and vegetables.

Co-founder of four-times voted “World’s Best Restaurant” NOMA is where he was head chef along with René Redzepi. Altogether, Mads Refslund is a frontier of the new culinary language and trends created through “New Nordic Cuisine.”

Founder of the Michelin-awarded restaurant MR – an often-used star chef at international food festivals and frequently portrayed in the culinary media. Four times winner of “Critics Choice/Dish of the Year” in Denmark – 2003, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

“Bonding Rawness” is how Mads Refslund explains his philosophy. This idea entails a closer assessment of produce, extending to its quality and freshness, but essentially going beyond that. Raw materials are visualized and chosen for their intrinsic values and the aim is the highest expression that nature produces. The consequence is a cuisine seeking to sustain natural ingredients and original flavors and not to pollute pure taste with excessive preparation or cooking. Mads Refslund exclusively offers his gastronomic excellence for lectures, food festivals, consultancy, expeditions and exclusive dinner parties.