MAPA is a creative studio whose field of action is architecture. It is a practice focused on creating new material, digital, natural and cultural realities in a sensitive and ground-breaking manner. The studio works on projects and constructions of diverse scale and complexities across several countries, exploring practices related to prefabrication and landscape through projects, constructions, prototypes, workshops, theoretical inquiries and exhibitions. MAPA’s projects have been recognized in publications and awards such as TIME Magazine, Wallpaper*, Casabella, Premio da Associação Paulista dos Críticos de Artes, Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Award, Dezeen Award, Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize of the IIT College of Architecture, among others. In 2019, MAPA started INST, an initiative for the dissemination of the cultural dimensión of architecture, a place for transdisciplinary reflection and for the experimentation of new media and forms of communication.



We are currently living in fast-paced times with unpredictable changes that keep us incapable of understanding and enunciating what we are experiencing or what is yet to come. Language must be updated rapidly to put our time into words. But, what if the creation of a neologism preceded reality to transform it? This is how the cultural platform INST launched its activities in 2020, calling for the invention of neologisms capable of naming new realities, behaviors, desires, and architectures. The result was a dINSTionary with 125 neologisms from 72 individual and group authors from 17 countries. One year later, the neologisms are displayed in such a way that visitors can put together their own dINSTionaries at the new studio of MAPA in Garz n. This installation has the participation of Jackson Araújo (Brazil) in sound ambience design, and Lost Fantasy in the design of upcycled garments inspired by the project.