CAMPO AIR December resident
Supported by Goetstouwers + Limentani Fellowship and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura of Uruguay

Marco Noris (Bergamo, Italy) is a visual artist who lives and works in Barcelona. In recent years, Marco has developed his artistic practice primarily in the field of painting, focusing his research on two main thematic areas: ruin and historical memory on one hand, and territory and landscape on the other. His investigation has led him to delve deeper and explore his relationship with the landscape and territory through walking, not only as an aesthetic and artistic practice, but also as a research tool. Noris has exhibited in Spain (Barcelona, Lleida, Huesca, Castellón, Vic, Seville), Italy (Bergamo, Udine, Parma), France (Paris), and the United States (New York). Alongside his artistic activity, over the past twenty years, he has collaborated on various collective projects in Bologna (Italy) and Barcelona (Spain), where he was one of the driving forces and founders of La Escocesa, a new creative factory in Barcelona.


TRANSMUTATIONS (or how to transform water into earth and fix time into matter)

Noris’ work at CAMPO Artfest uses painting as an alchemical process to transform the memory of water into a cartographic representation of the territory, where the earth is depicted through the action of water. The starting point is the Garzón stream, whose waters connect the town with the lagoon and serve as a vehicle to bring the earth out of the water and, through painting, capture snapshots of the stream and the traversed territory.

The installation of the pictorial work in the ruin integrates with a series of elements found in the Garzón hills, creating a dialogue between the pictorial maps and the ready-made sculptural object.