Mariana Marchesano (EN)

Mariana Marchesano

Uruguay, 1970

Mariana is a choreographer, performer and biologist. Creation in live arts allows her to explore her curiosity on the effect of physical phenomena on human and non-human bodies. Her proposals respond to the sensitive-political-ecological thickness of natural and urban landscapes, and always take place in collaboration with others. In her last pieces she worked with organic materials (HOLOBIONTE, 2022; Acciones para invocar los bosques que vendrán; Armar un fuego a sabiendas de la lluvia; sintopía; atlas para existir), and with the effect of the wind (TURBONADA). This year she was part of the Project Cuerpos de lo común, situated in the question of the body as a relation, and continued with a collaborative artistic process on circadian rhythms and dance (Proyecto Disruptivo sincrónico; Casi un día). She is part of the Grupo de Cronobiología de la Facultad de Ciencias – UdelaR, where she investigates biological rhythms in dancers.


About the work

Visible-invisible. North-South. To arrive. Un-extract. There are things that we believe are immutable. Laschamp. 42. A bunch of particles dancing in a magnetic field (if only we could stop to raze everything out). One day, the compasses will indicate the south in the north and the north in the south. But we won’t be here anymore.