Martín Buscaglia (b. 1972) is an artist, musician, composer and producer. Throughout his intense and extensive career he has played in Spain, United States, England, France, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Mexico and Uruguay, among other countries, both with his band and in his “Hombre Orquesta” format, or solo with his guitar. He has recorded and performed with artists including Arnaldo Antunes, Juana Molina, Jorge Drexler, and Jackson Browne. Additionally, he recorded a live solo album (Somos Libres), published a book about the poetic work of his father (Mojos, together with the poet Macachín) and another one with the chords of the songs of his theater project for children (Cancionero Cantacuentos). He also conducted his own radio program and composed music for plays.


Nobody listens to the same song twice

One of the Ibero-American benchmarks and a pioneer in the use of live loops, Martin has been researching and touring the world in this acclaimed format since the beginning of the century. The very essence of the loop implies a constant forward and backward movement. Like a magician unveiling (apparently) his tricks, he assembles his songs visually with different instruments and in each new repetition, he changes the sense of harmony, rhythm, and words. Time, in this sound concept, spirals forward. The staging alternates in situ versions of his repertoire, as well as works literally in progress, which will culminate on the spot. Respecting his strict dogma, all generated music will be deleted immediately upon completion. Paraphrasing Heraclitus’s “No one bathes twice in the same river,” for Martin, “No one plays the same chord twice.”