CAMPO AIR October resident

Naveed Mulki started his career in advertising, and soon moved on to telling untold stories for a magazine called Untold, and creating short documentaries for the film collective he co-founded called faraway originals. In recent years he made the leap to independent cinematography and direction. His films so far have addressed issues such as conservation, diversity, and human interest portraits.



This is an exploration to find traces of ancestry in the imagination of the children of the local school in Garzon. The landscape offers itself as a witness to all that is lost. The children have been given empty canvases with cues and anchors from me in the month I was a CAMPO Air resident and Agustina Fernández Raggio through the year, and with it, the children read the landscape and recite from their imagination. The result is poetry and art that is profound, original and deeply rooted in their conscience. And together – the space, the countryside, the children, the horizon, Agustina, me – all become artists in each other’s reflections. Our art is to pay unconditional attention to each other.