Niccolò Moronato (EN)

Niccolò Moronato

Italy, 1985
CAMPO AIR December resident
Supported by the Italian Institute of Culture

Appropriating material from historical archives and contemporary media, Niccolò analyzes visual and linguistic mechanisms to reveal the underlying formations of meaning that configure consumerist culture, showing glitches in the algorithm inherent to contemporary societies. Their works de-structure and re-position established perspectives, creating space for the emerging of the intrinsically violent or forceful elements that constitute “normality”, opening them up for play and collective re-discussion. Oftentimes, their projects begin from footnote histories, etymologies, glitches, and paradoxical experiences that expose the fragility of dominant mindsets and the structural misconceptions that inform them.
Moronato works across different media including participatory workshops, video, soundscapes, teletext broadcastings, public acts, as well as paper, film, and fabric.
When not traveling, they live and work in the island of Chioggia.