Sofia Cordoba (EN)

Sofía Córdoba

Uruguay, 1986

A multimedia artist hailing from the digital world, Sofia works in direction, cinematography, photography, video-projection and multimedia development. In recent years, she has been engaged primarily in the realization of music videos, a featured documentary film, audiovisual installations and sculptural works individually and with collaborators. She works in dialogue with musicians, festivals and events creating visuals in real time. Currently she manages Casiopea, an experimental lab with a focus in contemporary art and audiovisual media in Montevideo.


About the work
Organic and synthetic objects

A series of sculptures that could well be fruits, animals or waste, alter the eco-systemic environment in which they exist, while also being altered by it. They are presented as material and conceptual coincidences, both symbiotic with their surroundings and clearly not belonging. Not being native supposes a conflict, a rupture, an indication or a signal. The Síntomas hang from a tree or rest on rubble; they coincide in time and space with everything around them and yet they are indifferent to the biological cycles ruled by nature. We do not know how they got there, but we are witnesses to their strange presence. Their anomaly raises a series of questions that, they themselves cannot answer.