Supported by Galería del Paseo

Sylvia Fernández (b. 1978) studied at Escuela Superior de Arte Corriente Alterna, where she graduated with a gold medal in 2002. Since then she has participated in group and solo exhibitions both in Lima and abroad. Among them are Vamos Desapareciendo (Salón ACME, 2020) and Conversaciones con Carmen at ICPNA Miraflores (2019). She has participated in several competitions, was a semifinalist in BP Portrait Award (London, 2017) and finalist in Fundación Focus Abengoa (Spain, 2005), Pasaporte para un Artista (Lima, 2004), among others. She has also participated in fairs such as Arco (Spain) and Art Fair Cologne (Germany). Her work is part of various local and foreign collections.



After a long time in quarantine, I developed in my process the internal journey in search of a better place, a recognition of the body as habitat and new space for contemplation, where the memory of the lived and the imagined are participants. This proposal is based on the idea of moments suspended in the mind, the memory and the feeling of remembrance. Those moments that are recurrent can be precise and sharp, and sometimes abstract and almost ghostly, or often imagined, but always felt. Suspending the gaze inward and recognizing those images that are suspended inside, that little by little between them weave a new story that generates new dialogues with ourselves. The series Suspendidos is born from a series on paper, which is part of the exhibition Volvamos at Galer a del Paseo Lima. This series, as an exercise, contemplates the recognition of the body and its parts, and is formed as a whole in the montage. In the same way, Suspendidos generates a dialogue with the space and the light that penetrates it, playing with the idea of approaching the light (window) as the clearest memories in the memory, the sharpest, the most defined and, in the same way, playing with the darkness as the less defined, more confused, more abstract.