Tabita Rezaire (EN)

Tabita Rezaire

France, 1989

Tabita Rezaire is infinity longing to experience itself. Her path as an artist, devotee, yoga teacher, doula, and soon to be farmer is all geared towards manifesting the divine in herself and beyond. Her cross-dimensional practices envision network sciences – organic, electronic and spiritual – as healing technologies to serve the shift towards heart consciousness. Tabita is based near Cayenne in French Guyana, where she is currently studying Agriculture and birthing AMAKABA – her vision for collective healing in the Amazonian forest. She has a Bachelor in Economics (Fr) and a Master of Research in Artist Moving Image from Central Saint Martins (Uk). She was a founding member of the artist group NTU, half of the duo Malaxa, and mothered the energy house SENEB. Tabita has shared her offerings widely – Centre Pompidou, Paris; MASP, Sao Paulo; Serpentine, London; MoMa, NY; New Museum, NY; Gropius Bau, Berlin; MMOMA, Moscow; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; ICA, London; V&A, London; National Gallery Denmark; The Broad LA; MoCADA, NY; Tate Modern, London; Museum of Modern Art, Paris – and contributed to several international biennales such as: Guangzhou Triennial, Kochi Biennale, Athens Biennale, Biennale 09, Performa 17. She is represented by the Goodman Gallery in South Africa.


About the work
The Song of the Spheres
Sound installation

The Song of the Spheres is an invitation into the sonic landscapes of the celestial realms. Four circles entwine to form a spherical cuboctahedron or Genesa crystal – a sacred geometric symbol, understood as a powerful tool for personal, collective and planetary healing. As life energy is said to flow harmoniously through specific geometric shapes that echo growth patterns found in nature and cosmic arrangements. The soundscape offers stories about the sounds of creation from many cosmologies around the world – from Africa, Indigenous Americas and Australia – where sound is thought to be the fundamental impetus for creation. The storytelling continues with tales of astrophysics, geometry and spiritual sciences, to delve deeper into the creative power of sound. Immersed in planetary acoustic and polyphonic voices, The Song of the Spheres calls for a journey into the origins of space-time.