Teodelina Detry (EN)

Teodelina Detry

Argentina, 1975

Visual artist Teodelina studied Art Direction and Photography in Buenos Aires, Geneva and New York. Her work reflects on the search for freedom and the fragility of life in a silent and melancholic tone, and has been highlighted in specialized magazines and various editorial publications. Since 2017, Teodelina’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, France, Finland and Brazil. Her first photography book, La Anémona es una flor que se abre al menor golpe de viento, (The Anemone is a Flower that Opens Herself to the Slightest Touch of Wind), was published in Buenos Aires in 2020, and in the same year she received the IPA Award for the Book Photographer of the Year.


About the work
Immersive installation

Bloom is the name given to the process of proliferation of jellyfish in the sea. These swarms occur more and more frequently and intensively as a result of our intervention in nature. Humanity is reflected in these unique and enigmatic creatures, which paradoxically, by “blooming,” cause serious damage in the functioning of ecosystems. Through this installation, Teodelina seeks to generate an immersive experience, where the viewer can witness the jellyfish invasion, and, in that way, make visible something as beautiful as it is threatening.