Vivianna Mazuco (b. 1985) is an illustrator and artist based in Barcelona and Uruguay. Her illustrations and works are a departure from an anthropocentric worldview. A deconstruction of a supposed induced reality that she does not recognize. A celebration of the magic of the bond with tectonic nature.


CAMPO Artfest 2021 installation 

Garzón’s aesthetic panorama shares historical generations and new  curious people with sociocultural projects, both exchanging in the social space presupposing that their words, gestures, ways of inhabiting possess an established meaning and produce a predictable understanding. So often the shared meaning is not the same. However, we can do things with expression– the word — that break with the established relationship between meaning and signifier and open up new possibilities of interpretation and confluence between cultures. To advance the search for the confluence of different expressions in a conscious and original way is a good start. The work proposes in a poetic act to expand the unity of shared meaning, integrating the people in the festival through three delicate illustrations of representations of Garz n life and its architecture. You are invited to take copies of each work and keep them.