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Welcome to CAMPO Artfest 2021!

Five years ago, we introduced CAMPO to the world with a four-hour festival and a beta residency program. The idea was to make a splash with a community-driven event that would bring artists together with local and out-of-town visitors: Creativity, Community, Connection. We called it CAMPO Artfest. We invited 40+ artists to take over Pueblo Garzón to transform it into a creative playground. And that’s just what happened. It was explosive. One day was not enough, we discovered, so we added a second day the following year, offering programming opportunities to the pueblo’s many arts spaces and allowing more time for the participating artists to bond. This year, we celebrate five years, with new and old partners, a first-ever CAMPO Artfest residency, an amazing curatorial team, and an inspiring group of artists and performers, who made site-specific work guided by the theme ON PROGRESS.


  • 14:00 – 20:00 Open to the public
  • 16:00 SODRE
  • 17:00 Vivianna Mazuco ambient sound, collaboration with Dadodetres
  • 18:00 Andrea Arobba
  • 19:00 Martín Buscaglia
  • 20:00 Benefit Dinner (see below)


  • 12:00 – 19:00 Open to the public
  • 15:00 – 16:00 Meet the artists of CAMPO Artfest 2021 at CAMPO Canteen
  • 16:00 – 21:00 Walden Gallery, show opening of Marcia Schvartz
  • 17:00 Artists’ talk by MAPA with Jackson Araújo + Lost Fantasy
  • 17:00 – 19:00 Black Gallery: EN ORBITA, artist -curator talk
  • 18:00 La Galerilla “Voluntary Vulnerability”, Artist talk Radna Segal

December 28, 20:00

Be a pioneer. Help build CAMPO and join us for our annual benefit dinner this year at the venerable train station with special guest chef Mads Refslund, co-founding chef of NOMA in Copenhagen. Mads, on his first trip to Uruguay, joins us from New York, where he is busy readying a new restaurant in Greenpoint, opening this North American spring.

Sponsored by friends and collaborators Bodega Oceánica José Ignacio and Sierra Oriental, this fifth-year anniversary dinner is co-hosted by philanthropist and artist Amalia Amoedo, who has just launched Fundación Ama Amoedo Residencias Artísticas (FAARA), an artist-in-residence program in Jose Ignacio, and celebrated architect Rafael Viñoly, who will unveil the design of CAMPO’s main campus on this magical night under the stars. We invite you to this one-of-a-kind event to sit side-by-side with participating festival artists and help support CAMPO in creating a thriving creative community.



On Progress, Reflections on moving forward

From the unprecedented perspective instigated by the ongoing health crisis, this fifth edition of CAMPO Artfest aims to reflect upon the notion of progress, a concept that the artistic avant-gardes of the 20th century embraced with fervent enthusiasm but which, nevertheless, has been questioned over the last decades. What do we really understand by progress? Is it possible to think about progress without necessarily associating it with a linear and overcoming advance in time?

Moving away from the formal and ideological premises of the “white cube,” CAMPO Artfest 2021 proposes site-specific artistic projects and interventions that value the rural environment for which they have been conceived, and that pose productive tensions on notions such as space, context, landscape and performativity. Likewise, the conditions of production and exhibition of CAMPO Artfest provide a unique framework for the public’s interaction with contemporary art, offering a manner of slow and relaxed reflection, of intellectual and sensorial enjoyment and, especially, of “time well wasted.”

For those of us who work with what is called “contemporary art,” we know that it implies less a historical and / or aesthetic category than a kind of system or device whose components are defining and redefining their actions within the dynamics of their own practice. Thus, this new edition of CAMPO Artfest offers to the Pueblo Garzón community and to the international community it summons, a series of routes, signs, atmospheres and artistic situations, that were selected taking into account not only the experimentation of artistic languages ​​and the diversity of media but also interculturality and gender parity.

Celebrating art in difficult times, stimulating and promoting encounters, reflections and views from different places are a central part of our proposal for this fifth edition of CAMPO Artfest.

Curatorial Team

in collaboration with CAMPO Artfest 2021

Introducing a new residency at CAMPO, a December program that invites international artists for a one-month stay in Garzón with the intent of making site-specific work for CAMPO Artfest. Their stay and studio space is an 1860s former sheep ranch in the hills of Garzón, a bucolic sanctuary of nature and stillness. We’re excited to welcome Elolo Bosoka (GH), Gal Nissim (IS/US), Natalia Nakazawa (US), Pablo Rasgado (MX) and Agustina Woodgate (AR/NL) and see what they’ll create for CAMPO Artfest 2021: ON PROGRESS.

December 20-29, 2021

In just four years, we have hosted and inspired 32 international artists from 14 different countries, held four successful art festivals, opened a CAMPO Canteen + art community space and reached people across continents. All of this with a very small team and without a physical campus. Our programs are rolling and we’re fulfilling our mission. Now is the time to capitalize on our progress and we need your help. CAMPO has 12 hectares of land waiting for construction of the new design by esteemed architect Rafael Viñoly. The world is full of artists to support.

This special online auction to celebrate our 5th anniversary is comprised of beautiful work from past AIR and CAMPO Artfest participants around the world, and other artist friends of CAMPO, who will earn 20% of each sale. Your financial contributions will go a long way in helping us build the heart of CAMPO’s campus and grow our team so we can continue expanding our impact both here and abroad.

Start bidding and to support our Uruguayan foundation and certified American 501(c)(3). On December 28th, you can visit the silent auction corner at CAMPO Artfest to view some of the available works in person.




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CAMPO Artfest Artist Coordinator

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